The Pillaging of the Power of the Purse

The emperor is not pleased.

If you are among the 70% of the American people who favor a balanced budget amendment, or think perhaps the size and scope of government should be reduced first and foremost rather than focusing on new and creative ways to tax the American people even more, President Obama thinks you need a lesson in fairness.  Like a spoiled child denied an extensive advance on his allowance, he has even turned on the "splintered" media, insisting that those who practically put him in office are in some way to blame. 

In what could be most politely described as a profoundly confused response (or at worst, a wholly corrupt response) to the President's insistence on a debt ceiling increase, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell proposed that the President be granted the power to raise the debt ceiling himself 3 times over the next year unless both the Senate and House of Representatives can muster a super majority vote to deny it.  I do have to give the President some credit though, after all, to get that kind of counter offer out of the opposing political party is a better deal even than a thug like Venezuela's Hugo Chavez got last time he asked for a debt limit increase, as at least in Venezuela they still have to go through the formality of approving it rather than just having an opportunity to vote it down. 

Call your Senators and Representatives today, and tell them that the line must be drawn here!  This far, no further!