Gun grabs also require silencing of free speech

For quite some time, many have kept their eyes on the United Nations Small Arms Treaty.  A growing number of those who have researched the United Nations reports and recommendations which are being used to build out this treaty, which is described by one author here, are very concerned that it could be used to completely override your right to keep and bear arms.  

The elitist ruling class is equally as worried about you shooting off your mouth.

It's much more difficult to creep up on you to steal your Constitutional rights if those who are victimized or awaken to others having their freedoms stolen can pick up a microphone and cause a disturbance.  In the past there has been concern about the "fairness doctrine" allowing the government to control how much of what kind of speech, and whose could be on the air.  There is now warning that the same thing could be implemented through a sort of back door approach to implementing these same controlling principles by allowing the government to say what kind of broadcasts are and are not serving their communities.  Undesirable speech could simply be identified as not serving the community in which it is broadcast to squelch it.

If one or two people find what you have to say inconvenient or "annoying", you may also be squelched according to regulations in Winchester, VA.  Now ordinary noise ordinances based on an objective decibel level are certainly understandable, but simply to ban any noise that is subjectively defined as "excessive, unnecessary or unusually loud" opens up the door much wider than the objective measure of volume control.  Who decides whose speech is excessive and unnecessary?  Furthermore, if you decide you're fed up with attempts at being silenced and having your Constitutional rights trampled by an out of control and out of touch President, congress and senate and begin gathering signatures on a petition to implement change, you may even be banished to a 9 square foot free speech zone if you attempt to do so on public property in Michigan.  

YOU can change your government.  Even though your representatives and senators are busy recently attempting to create a superior ruling class of representatives in the form of a "super congress", and as a result potentially denying millions of Americans equal representation, call your representatives and senators and let them know this kind of behavior will NOT be tolerated.  Tell them about the seven principles the Constitution Party of Iowa stands for, and that you're actively working to replace them with constitutionalists who refuse to look the other way while your freedoms are stolen.  Don't stop with your national representatives, also call your state of Iowa representatives and senators, and the Governor as well to tell them that you demand they stand up for Iowa's rights under the Constitution, and instruct them to nullify at the State level any attempt at infringing upon your rights as an American citizen and a citizen of the great state of Iowa!

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