Americans Helping Americans

When Americans are in need of assistance, no matter what their place in life or society, other everyday Americans have historically been a critical part of the immediate solution.  You may not be aware of it, and neither was I, but September 11th 2001 was also the date of the largest evacuation by boat in history. 

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This is just another great example of what can be done when Americans clearly see a problem and are free to respond to fix it.  All the U.S. Coast Guard had to do was to identify the situation and communicate the need, and hundreds of boats responded to assist those in need.  We need to remember this as an example of what can be done in his country by those working toward a common and meaningful goal.  There were no weeks or months of political posturing and funding arguments required to solve this problem.  Great things can happen when the government steps out of the way and lets Americans solve problems.  Let's return to an America when we're at our best on a regular basis, with no emergency required, and do for one another the things that some sit on their hands and wait for years for government to accomplish, at an incredibly increased cost, if accomplished at all.

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