Jon Tack Offers Iowa's 18th Senate District a Choice


Have you seen this man?

If you're a resident of Iowa's 18th Senate district, your answer may very well be YES!  The Constitution Party of Iowa is proud to say that Jon Tack has been working night after night, going door to door letting all who will hear know that you DO have another choice in the special election!

In fact, this very evening he's attending a home school forum where he'll be meeting with folks as well, letting them know that he wants to stand up for them in the Iowa Senate, just as he did when he ran for the United States House of Representatives in 2010.

Jon has worked for quite some time with the Constitution Party of Iowa to promote a return to the principles upon which our great nation was founded.  Those same seven principles are the bedrock foundation of what has made great Iowans as well.

If anyone contacts you asking which of the two choices you are getting behind in the special election, make sure you educate them about all the options available!  As this article points out, Independents outnumber registered Republicans and Democrats in Iowa Senate district 18, even before taking into account the fact that many of those registered Republicans and Democrats will no longer put up with their liberties being trampled upon and their will being ignored.  Unlike other candidates, who are counting on hundreds of thousands of dollars to boost their public image (in one case to the tune of $18,000 per day), Jon is getting out and meeting the people where it counts, on their doorsteps in their communities, powered by ideas and shoe leather rather than piles of cash. 

Please send a link to this article to everyone you know, contact Jon and let him know he has your support in returning Iowa to a government based upon principles rather than politics, and call your local newspapers, radio and television stations and tell them the same. 

Keep an eye on cpiowa.org for additional news and information on Jon's campaign, and thank you in advance for your support!

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